Mixer Streamers Getting Extra Exposure with Gamactica

As they have ventured through their first few months since their launch in October of 2018, Gamactica has been slowly implementing and introducing a number of elements for gamers and streamers, the members of their social networking community.

The newest addition should hit home for Mixer streamers, as it gives them a viable option to attract new viewers to their Mixer streams, all organically, in the same manner as they display Twitch streams.

Now, Gamactica has a special section that will display up to 50 LIVE streams from Mixer, all broadcasting in one place, which is easy to move around, on a page dedicated to just that.

This page is the first step, but there is another page in the works for Featured Mixer Streamers, one that will put an emphasis on Gamactica’s top Mixer streamers and Mixer channels.

Unlike before, Gamactica is attempting to provide legit Mixer marketing to help streamers grow, build, network, and promote their channel, and features such as these are steps towards providing just that.

This also introduces a cross-promotional aspect, as both Twitch channels and Mixer channels can be found in their growing Stream Directory, providing visitors more than one platform outlet for their entertainment.

There is also a section for LIVE Twitch channels, that showcases Twitch streamers in the same manner.

But, that’s not all. Gamactica is working on adding a section of their Groups area dedicated to female Twitch streamers and female Mixer streamers, which will shine a spotlight on the female sector of the streaming industry.

This will be another important feature, as they will provide a spotlight for the best Female Twitch streamers, giving them their own corner of the website to shine.

The same will be true, and provided, for the best Female Mixer streamers, to accomplish the same.