Watch Multiple Twitch and Mixer Steams All at Once, Live

Just like television, it can be hard to find the programs you’re interested in seeing, especially if you’re not particularly familiar with every single show, their times, and what those shows are about.

The issue is the same in the world of streaming, such as Twitch and Mixer, where it can be more challenging to find those shows because we don’t have a handy TV Guide, or even an intuitive Channel Guide to give us a bit of a roadmap.

So, it’s left, mostly, on trial and error to find the Twitch streamers that you find interesting and the Mixer streamers that you find entertaining.

The thing is, there is plenty of information on the web regarding the most popular streamers and who the “best” streamers, and channels there are. But the basis on who is the “best” is based on factors such as viewer numbers, popularity, and a matter of opinion.

Simply put, one person’s idea of the best, or what makes a particular channel interesting and/or entertaining most certainly will, at times, differ from yours.

So where do you go? How do you find the best Twitch streamers? How can you find the best Mixer streamers based on your preference.

Fortunately, Gamactica, a website we have discussed a lot on this website, has a section dedicated to helping you filter the best and most entertaining streams.

The best part about it? You can see up to 100 channels live, all at once, all in one place, giving you a “sample” of a number of channels, and giving you the capability to switch between channels fast and easy, making the process of finding the next best stream, faster, easier, and some would say more efficient.

Amazing features such as that makes the whole prospect of making streaming a regular part of your entertainment and viewing lineup that much better. And for an industry that is booming as much as the Twitch/Mixer sector is, those features are both welcomed, and helpful.