Finally, a Platform for Streamers to Grow

When it comes to video game streaming, a booming industry is bubbling on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer. But as a creator, you might be finding yourself in an uphill battle when it comes to building your own stream, and competing for attention.

The viability of game streamer is evident, and Influencer Marketing Hub outlined the following 25 quick stats:

25 Twitch Statistics

  • 1. 81.5% of Twitch Users are Male
  • 2. 55% of Twitch Users Are Aged Between 18-34
  • 3. Twitch Has More Than 15 Million Daily Active Users
  • 4. Twitch Has Between 2.2 and 3.2 Million Monthly Broadcasters
  • 5. 355 Billion minutes watched
  • 6. 124 Million + Total Clips
  • 7. $30 Million + Raised for Charity
  • 8. 1 Million People Watched a Single Event
  • 9. 245,000 Viewers Simultaneously Watched a Single Channel
  • 10. 436,000 People Watched a Game Premiere
  • 11. 95 Minutes per Day on Average
  • 12. 220,000 Twitch Affiliates
  • 13. 27,000 Twitch Partners
  • 14. 21.3% of Twitch Viewing is eSports
  • 15. 21.32% of Viewers Come from the United States
  • 16. 62.87% of Twitch Activity Occurs in English
  • 17. 16.00 EST is Twitch’s Peak Viewing Time
  • 18. 44 Billion Minutes Watched Per Month
  • 19. 997,174 Average Viewers
  • 20. 726,792,858 Hours Watched per Month
  • 21. Fortnite is the Most Popular Game Played in 2018
  • 22. 1,460,297 Peak Views of Fortnite
  • 23. 9,006,466 Channels
  • 24. Ninja Watched for 151,096,501 hours Over the Last year
  • 25. 447,926,113 Hours Spent Watching the Variety Gaming stream Community

Twitch draws nearly 10 million active users to its community every month, and over 2 million streamers create live content for viewers who are seeking out specific content,.

But the content they seek isn’t 100% related to gaming, there has been a development of sub-niches as well such as IRL Stream, ASMR stream, Cosplay Stream, and Talk Show Streams. They have all proven to be viable, and lucrative sub-sections of the Twitch and Mixer universe.

Finding these streams can be challenging, finding the best Twitch stream, can be even more of a challenge, and growing as a streamer has it’s own hurdles, but a new community has developed that puts streamers and gamers together, and arms them with Twitch Marketing tools, such as support and Twitch promotions.

Twitch’s Partner Program is made up of over 17,000 members, so the ability to utilize any sort of marketing, backed with SEO, is a powerful resource for a streamer.

The other facet of the community is a social network that fuses gamers, streamers, gaming teams, promoters, marketers, and content creators all under one roof. So, if you’re a gamer looking to build your gaming team, or searching for a place to manage and promote it, Twitch Universe offers it, and more.

In 2015, 241 billion minutes streamed on Twitch, so making every effort, every moment of your stream count is vital to it’s long-term success.

Finally, a tool that goes beyond the sketchy promotion bots that people are often forced to rely on, and something with real potential, and a powerful, true blue, Twitch Marketing program that can really deliver potential ROI.

Additionally, there is even a section dedicated to those who stream using Mixer, and Gamactica’s Mixer Marketing elements can help take their stream to the next level.